Ryan Hanna


Extreme Sports Artist

Expert Fields:

-Off-Road Motorcycle Riding 

-Off-Road Race Car Driving

-Free Ride Snow Boarding 

-Mountain Biking


Amateur Fields:

-Rock Climbing

-Kayak / Stand up paddle

-Skate Boarding



-White Water Sports


-Wind Surfing


"How do I feel about my art? Anything worth doing is worth overdoing... moderation is for cowards."

-Ryan Hanna

Ryan Hanna and his full send attitude meets the art world:

Ryan dedicated two decades to action and extreme sports. Riding a motorcycle 100+ MPH through the desert is his church, but you're just as likely to find him dropping into a double black diamond snowboarding run or laying on the beach enjoying the sound of the waves and a cold beer.

Ryan had a promising career as an off-road racer until 2011, when a series of bad crashes caught up to him. This left him with over 35 broken bones, "not so bendy" bendy parts, and without his short term memory for 6 months . 

Though professional racing quickly became a thing of the past, this incredible experience transformed into a new passion: Art. Ryan took to his childhood hobby during the years of healing from the major concussions he had suffered, and the results have been exponential. 

Ryan is not just passionate and driven, he is obsessed. In less than 3 years, he has crafted hundreds of paintings and finally found his true calling in the world of extrem sports art.

If you want to know more of his story, choose one of the commission packages. You'll truly get a one-of-a-kind piece of art that's more of an experience than just a pretty picture on the wall.