The Mission:

Create one-of-a-kind commissioned paintings that capture the experience, not just the aesthetic, of your amazing sports experiences

Commission options

package #1

You know what you want and have the pictures to prove it! Submit one or several pictures, schedule a Clarity Call with Ryan to pin point specific details, and leave the rest to him!

Package #2

You have an idea for a one-of-a-kind painting that holds the essence of your favorite place or activity. Ryan will come to your location and spend a day participating in your extreme sport of choice with you. He will get a feel for your idea, the energy of the place, and first hand exposure to your dream so that he may bring those truths into your new showcase piece.

Package #3

Create an adventure with Ryan; the two of you will work together to craft your dream extreme sports destination adventure. He will learn what motivates you, what inspires you, and what drives you. He will peer into your imaginings of your dream art piece and come to a composition idea with you. At the end of your time together (max 4 days), Ryan will use his own photography (and any you would like to contribute) to craft a completely unique painting imprinting this experience onto canvas forever. 

"We all have that place... That one spot on Earth you return to in your mind. Perhaps it's your favorite riding spot, your crew's secret tree line, your favorite river or some other private spot you've claimed as your Church.

I'm Ryan Hanna.  As a fellow extreme sports athlete my mission in life is: Give thrashers of the world the opportunity to capture that moment and feeling forever. 

In our modern world, anyone an take a picture. Inundation of digital photography has left the emotion of a photograph watered down. A painting, on the other hand, still holds the power to transcend you through time and space. 

A painting isn't just a bunch of pixels on a computer; a painting is real.  It's tangible, you can feel it. You don't just view it with your eyes, but experience it with your soul.


So let's make an idea together, let's shred together and most of all, let's make art together."