About this piece:

"As a young man I had only one main goal in my racing career; to compete up front / win the Dakar Rally. Unfortunately life, injuries and responsibilities crushed that dream for me.  With being involved in the off-road racing community for so long, I was lucky enough to watch the young competitors of the sport grow into what they are today... True champions.

This piece was created for the young American hopeful Skyler Howes, in an effort to raise money for his 2021 Rally costs.


The reference photo is from the 2020 Dakar Rally while racing on a Garrett off-road privateer effort where he was the top finishing privateer, with a 9th overall finish.  This year he is with a different ride and hopefully we will see him up front with all of the factory guys. "


Good Luck Skyler!

(24" x 18" x 2")

Acrylic on Canvas